When we were approached by an international retail chain to sell our products under our own brand, we admit we were initially skeptical. After all, our focus had always been on the brands of our customers! But this chain was committed to highlighting quality Canadian brands, so we took the leap.

Below are the products we produce under the Le Bon Croissant brand. Click on each product for more information or review the chart’s details below.

Baked Butter Croissant Garlic Bread Garlic Toast
All-butter baked croissants Garlic bread Texas garlic toast
Multigrain Garlic Toast Garlic Breadsticks
Multigrain garlic toast Garlic breadsticks

Please click on each item in this list to access its Technical Data Sheet.

Baked Frozen - Le Bon Croissant Retail Brand Products

CodeProduct DescriptionSize (oz.)Size (grams)Qty. / CaseCases / PalletTie x HighMaster Case Dimensions
Case CubeGross Weight lbs.Gross Weight
Pallet Height (in.)
06509LBC Garlic Baguette (0 Trans Fat) 11.5032530408 x 516.75 x 13 x 14.751.8923.9010.8682"
06511LBC Texas Garlic Toast (0 Trans Fat)11.5032512568 x 721.38 x 9.19 x 10.691.2311.765.3483"
06526LBC Garlic Sticks (0 Trans) FRSH13.9039512568 x 721.38 x 9.19 x 10.691.2313.576.1783"
06527LBC Garlic Sticks (0 Trans) FRZN13.9039512568 x 721.38 x 9.19 x 10.691.2313.576.1783"
06514LBC Multigrain Garlic Toast FRSH11.5032512568 x 721.38 x 9.19 x 10.691.2311.765.3483"
06515LBC Multigrain Garlic Toast FRZN11.5032512568 x 721.38 x 9.19 x 10.691.2311.765.3483"
01006LBC Butter Croissant 6x1.25oz/35g ea.7.5021212568 x 721.38 x 9.19 x 10.691.238.773.9983"