Garlic baguette

The product line:

  • Garlic Toast
  • Garlic-Cheese Toast
  • Garlic Breadsticks
  • European-Style Garlic “Baguette”
  • Multigrain Garlic Loaf / Toast


All available as trans-fat free and with real chopped garlic (unless otherwise requested)

  • Just garlic
  • Garlic and parsley
  • Garlic and herbs (oregano, basil, parsley)
  • Garlic, parsley and cheese (grated parmesan)
  • Garlic, herbs and cheese (grated parmesan)
  • Cheese toast features shredded cheese blend applied on garlic toast slices


  • HACCP-certified facility
  • Foodservice: great items to accompany salads, pasta dishes, as appetizers or bar offerings
  • Customize your own product: pick your bread and your spread to devise the best product for your customer

Shelf life:

  • Frozen: 1 year (in original packaging)
  • Thawed: 5 days (if kept in original packaging)

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Baked Frozen Garlic Breads - Foodservice Packaging

CodeProduct DescriptionSize (oz.)Size (grams)Qty. / CaseCases / PalletTie x HighMaster Case Dimensions (in.)Case CubeGross Weight lbs.Gross Weight
Pallet Height (in.)
06512Garlic Toast (Zero Trans Fat)11.50325160426 x 717.375 x 15.375 x 10.751.6616.027.2780
06510Garlic Baguette (Zero Trans Fat)11.5032530408 x 516.75 x 13 x 14.751.8922.8610.4080
06524Garlic Herb Bread Sticks6.00170144606 x 1017.5 x 14.5 x 7.51.1010.654.7180
06525Garlic Sticks (Zero Trans Fat)10.50290144606 x 1017.5 x 14.5 x 7.51.1017.407.9180
06523Garlic Loaf (8.5" - 9" long)6.0017036426 x 717.375 x 15.375 x 10.751.6614.906.7680
06519Garlic Loaf (10" - 10.5" long)8.5024036366 x 621.38 x 9.19 x 10.691.2320.079.1369