Baked Curved Croissant
(Thaw, Proof ‘n Bake)
Raw Croissant, Curved
(Thaw’n Serve OR Heat’n Serve)
Baked Croissant

Thaw n’ Serve OR Heat n’ Serve

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Note: All baked frozen croissants have a shelf life of 9 months in the freezer (in original packaging).

Click here for baked croissant preparation instructions.

Baked Frozen All Butter Croissants

CodeProduct DescriptionSize (oz.)Size (grams)Qty. / CaseCases / PalletTie x HighMaster Case Dimensions (in.)Case CubeGross Weight lbs.Gross Weight
Pallet Height (in.)
01420100% Butter Croissants 2.507064328 x 420 x 11.75 x
01407100% Sliced Butter Croissants2.005564328 x 420 x 11.75 x 162.169.604.3479
01405100% Butter Croissants 1.253596328 x 420 x 11.75 x
01114100% Butter Croissant Indiv. Wrapped in Clear Polypropylene1.503548568 x 721.38 x 9.19 x 10.691.235.452.4979
01400100% Butter Croissants0.7520192328 x 420 x 11.75 x
01108100% Butter Square Croissants2.507148568 x 721.38 x 9.19 x 10.691.2311.105.0379